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Frequently Asked Questions

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I've received an email, inviting me to join the AKOU app - what does this mean and what do I do now?

This means that someone in your network really values you and has put you down as one of their key connections. 

By following the link in your email, you can sign up to the AKOU app (which is free to use), see why they value you and give some appreciation back to the people you like.

I’ve just added a connection but they haven’t received an email invite or notification

If the person you added has not yet join up to AKOU there may be a couple of reasons why they haven’t received an email invite.

1. Make sure you tell them to check the inbox for the email address that you used to add them as a connection

2. If no messages appear in their inbox they might need to check their spam or junk folder – sometimes our emails can unwittingly end up in spam

3. You may not have ticked the check box to invite them. If so you will have to add them again making sure that the check box is ticked on the first page

Can other people see what I've said about them?

People can only see a summary of what all their connections have said about them. They won’t see the details of who said what about them. And they will only see the summary of data if they accept your connection.

They will see a preview of why you value them in their homepage – but this is the only place they will be able to link what you have said back to you.

Their dashboard works in the same way as yours does. Just check your My value dashboard including the What others said tab to get a better understanding of how much detail they will see of your answers. 

You will notice that the tags you can attribute to your connections stay private and will only be visible to yourself. 

Depending on the project you are in, the message of appreciation that you write at the end of the adding a connection may be shared with your connection throughout the process. It is currently not part of your dashboard.

Do I have to pay to use AKOU?

As an individual user the use of the AKOU app is free.

We are working on new features and functions, there may be some paid for plans that become available in the future for individual users.

If you would like to set up your own project however you will need to pay a subscription fee.